Better grain marketing with the SAATBAU Profit Manager

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Better grain marketing
with the SAATBAU Profit Manager

Advisory and Software - a successful combination!

Successful businesses provide for their financial and marketing planning in their management.

Our expert knowledge helps you to optimize your margin und supports you with a customer-tailored marketing plan.

This is conducted with the assistance of the SAATBAU Profit Manager – a software application, that helps you continually keep an eye on your profits.

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Perfectly planning your grain marketing on the basis of a ‘What-if analysis’

As a grain producer, you have numerous opportunities for action when it comes to marketing your product. We have prepared more than a dozen possibilities for you in the SAATBAU Profit Manager. For each of these marketing strategies you can calculate the results and contrast them to your actual situation. You can thus find out how the risk-reward ratio develops in your Profit-Matrix and spot the most suitable marketing strategy for your business.

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SAATBAU Profit Manager

Market analyses, weather data and spot prices on a European level

Professional grain marketing is a complex task. The SAATBAU Profit Manager provides valuable support: On a weekly basis, the spot prices of all major grain crops are updated for all European regions. Furthermore, it delivers fundamental and technical market analyses and of course, you can look up the current weather forecast. Using the SAATBAU App you can call up all current futures prices on your smartphone.

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Free Webinar

SAATBAU Profit Manager Webinar

We regularly offer webinars (courses on the internet). Participation is free and allows you to find out everything about the use of the tool. The advantage: You can participate from home via your computer. And if you are not available at the agreed time, you can simply watch the recorded webinar or participate next time.

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SAATBAU Preisgut GmbH - Market analyst, broker and risk manager

We are a service provider for customers all over Europe and a partner for trading at all international futures exchanges. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and excellent know-how we guide our customers through the complex topic of futures contracts and options. As a subsidiary of a cooperative, we live and understand agriculture.

Get in touch – we will be happy to assist in any way we can!

SAATBAU Preisgut GmbH
Schirmerstraße 19, 4060 Leonding, Austria
Phone: +43 (0)732 389 00

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