Getreide besser vermarkten mit dem Profit Manager

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Getreide besser vermarkten mit dem Profit Manager

Advisory and Software - a successful combination!

Successful businesses provide for their financial and marketing planning in their management. Our expert knowledge helps you to optimize your gross margin and supports you with a customer-tailored marketing plan. This is conducted with the Profit Manager - a software application that allows you to plan your farm revenue in advance.

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Profit Manager

Perfectly planning your grain marketing on the basis of a ‘What-if analysis’

As a grain producer, you have numerous opportunities for action when it comes to marketing your product. We have prepared more than a dozen possibilities for you in the Profit Manager. For each of these marketing strategies you can calculate the results and contrast them to your actual situation. You can thus find out how the risk-reward ratio develops in your Profit-Matrix and spot the most suitable marketing strategy for your business.

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