Better grain marketing with the SAATBAU Profit Manager

1. Who can use the SAATBAU Profit Manager?

The SAATBAU Profit Manager was conceived for all European crop farms with a minimum marketing volume of 500 tonnes of grain per year.

2. Will I be able to increase my profits using the SAATBAU Profit Manager?

There is no guarantee for this – unfortunately. But the objective of the software is to increase the expected value of the profit margin. This expected value is the product of planned profit x probability of occurrence. This means, that you can set up your marketing strategy in a way to achieve the same profit with a higher probability. The SAATBAU Profit Manager allows you to exactly match the risk-reward ratio with your business objectives, which means more certainty in your planning.

3. Who do I contact when I have questions about the software or its use?

Your personal consultant will be happy to accompany you from importing your areal data all the way to strategic marketing planning. We provide qualified information concerning our market assessment and match your risk preferences with potential decision alternatives. The final marketing decision however is for you to take and to account for.

4. How much does the SAATBAU Profit Manager cost?

The base price for a yearly license is in Euro per hectar. Please use the contact form for your request.

5. Do I have to open a futures trading account in order to be able to use the SAATBAU Profit Manager?

Opening a futures trading account is useful but is not a requirement. Price hedging instruments at commodity futures exchanges can be set up at a later point.

6. Where can I find out more about the functions of the SAATBAU Profit Manager?

We regularly offer webinars (courses on the internet). Participation is free and allows you to find out everything about the use of the tool. The advantage: You can participate from home via your computer. And if you are not available at the agreed time, you can simply watch the recorded webinar or participate next time.

7. How can I find out more about the functioning of commodity futures exchanges?

Our manual ‘Price risk management - hedging with futures and options in agricultural markets’ explains the mechanisms of futures exchanges on more than 60 pages. With the help of this manual you can acquire what you as a farmer need to know about grain marketing. We also offer webinars on a regular basis. Just send us a request using the contact form.

8. What happens with my data and notes?

As an investment service provider we are subject to bank secrecy and guarantee strict confidentiality. Customer-related data are not passed on within or outside of the company. We reserve the right to use anonymised data (where customers cannot be identified).

9. Is it possible to administer only a part of my surfaces or marketing volumes via the SAATBAU Profit Manager?

This is theoretically possible but wouldn’t make sense because it would give a wrong picture of the total operational result. You would obtain incorrect results and might make unwise decisions based on these.

10. Is the SAATBAU Profit Manager also available for other agricultural segements?

We are planning to extend the field of application of the tool to dairy and meat production, but this project is still in the development phase.