Better grain marketing with the SAATBAU Profit Manager

Perfectly planning your grain marketing on the basis of a ‘What-if analysis’

As a grain producer, you have numerous opportunities for action when it comes to marketing your product. We have prepared more than a dozen possibilities for you in the SAATBAU Profit Manager. For each of these marketing strategies you can calculate the results and contrast them to your actual situation. You can thus find out how the risk-reward ratio develops in your Profit-Matrix and spot the most suitable marketing strategy for your business.

  • selling grain before harvest or ex stock;
  • basis contracts with or without a minimum price clause;
  • selling futures contracts;
  • selling the physical goods and simultaneously buying CALL options to create liquidity;
  • buying PUT options in order to hedge a minimum price;
  • and many more.

Different marketing strategies aim at different objectives and bear different residual risks. Therefore, the marketing strategy must be matched with the individual needs of the managers and/or owners. We have prepared more than a dozen well-tried marketing strategies for you in the SAATBAU Profit Manager.
By means of a What-if analysis starting out from the current situation you can determine in which way a planned grain sale, further storage or price hedging at futures exchanges would affect your planned profit margins and your loss risk.

Additionally, you can simulate all variants of crop insurance in order to take into account all contingencies. The operational result to be expected for your business in case of changes in price and/or quantity is at your fingertips. That way, you are always on top of your grain marketing.

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