Better grain marketing with the SAATBAU Profit Manager

Market analysis, weather and European cash prices

Professional grain marketing is a complex task. The SAATBAU Profit Manager provides valuable support: On a weekly basis, the spot prices of all major grain crops are updated for all European regions. Furthermore, it delivers fundamental and technical market analyses and of course, you can look up the current weather forecast. Using the SAATBAU App you can call up all current futures prices on your smartphone.

Each week, 2000 subscribers receive our weekly market analysis. Of course, these resources are also available for the users of the SAATBAU Profit Manager. We offer an in-depth fundamental and technical analysis. More than 10 subsidiaries of SAATBAU Linz eGen supply up-to-date information from the European crop farming regions. That way, you receive first-hand information on the growth conditions in other regions.
But the most important piece of information for every trader is the price difference between spot prices and futures prices (basis). It constitutes an essential basis for taking marketing decisions. We provide a comprehensive data base of historic spot and futures prices. You can thus recognize extreme market situations more easily and take advantage of them. All this is also available on your tablet or smartphone.


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